Who are we?

A unique and vibrant mix of cultures, colorful personalities, and a whole lot of character in Melbourne’s favourite beachside suburb- this is St Kilda, and we are St Kilda Rickshaws.

In 2013 a few yanks and an Aussie combined forces and formed St Kilda Rickshaws.

With a grassroots approach to business, SKR thrives on simplicity.  We do taxis, tours and events.

We hit the roads, bike paths and foreshore with one goal in mind: provide residents and tourists a safe, memorable, and eco friendly mode of transportation.  Our trained drivers come from all corners of the globe and bring with them infectious personalities and professionalism.  Our bikes are top of the line, but maintain a look that is classic and versatile making St Kilda Rickshaws a fitting choice for corporate events, weddings, and private gatherings alike!

The Bikes

Our bikes are 100% Australian made.  They are top of the line and maintain a look that is classic, yet versatile.  The custom frame is hand built, top to bottom.  This front-wheeled drive bike comes with front and rear safety lights and a unique custom bell.  We pride ourselves on our carbon free service.